1st Olympus Enduro Mtb – Rapsani

1st Olympus Enduro Mtb – Rapsani

Olympus Virgin Forest Trail

Rapsani located at the foot of Lower Olympus, at an altitude of 500m above the sea and the picturesque valley of Tempe with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. It took its name from the word Arvanite rapsi-a, which means soft rock. The flashback in history Rapsani is difficult, as most villages in Thessaly, as suffered multiple attacks and disasters in their long history. According to legend Rapsani was a beautiful and dynamic woman, who pioneered the combination of villages.

Access: Access to Rapsani by car via the highway from:

  • Larissa: It is 47 km and one can reach in 35 minutes to exit two kilometers after the Valley of Tempi turning left.
  • Thessaloniki: It is 125 km and one can reach in 1 hour and a half kilometer exit immediately after the toll Pyrgetos turning right.
  • Athens: It is 395 km and one may reach 4 hours with exit two kilometers after the Valley of Tempi turning left.

The route: Starting from 10:00 T.Y.P.E.T hotel in the village 538m altitude. The path is mixed with the bulk of a forest paths and passageways. The natural beauty of the area and swings from undergrowth in pine and spruce, with natural springs and streams make it unique. The route has a length of 20 km with 13 km trails and 7 km forest roads. It is characterized by 560m ascent and 1450m descent. The difficulties are marked for Beginners (Easy) and advanced (Hard). The marking tape, arrows and X (dead end). Ending in Rapsani around 15:00.

Arrival time: 8:30 in the starting area, the hotel T.Y.P.E.T village.

About Enduro: The organization provides your transport to cars starting area, trucks, agricultural, etc. The route is varied options with beginners and advanced signaling capabilities. Necessary helmet. It is possible for those who do not wish to transfer Enduro in signposted road area and trails.

Enduro mapping

Enduro Refuelling: Refuelling will be at 10km.

XC Enduro mapping

XC Enduro Refuelling: Refuelling will be at 17km.

Food: The organization will provide snack (water – juice – sandwich – electrolytes) to refuel and water – banana at the finish line. Upon termination option for those who want the village square you can sit to eat.

Safety: The safety of the event will cover the Hellenic Rescue Team of Larissa, Doctor and a Private Ambulance.

Participants: Participants agree to the terms and conditions of the competition. The entry price for the Enduro is at 30€ to 20€ for those who do not want to transfer. Within the price includes a snack a buffer and the transfer of participants on points. On the conducting day those who have signed up will deliver the signed agreements and will receive the number for their registration. Riders who come locally will complete the statutory declaration and will make the financial settlement in the registry tent. There will be a number of memory items more.

Sunday 30/4: We will have a trial in the last section 4 km long route. The transition to the point is 5 € for the whole day.

Monday 1/5: Day of the event

Ραψάνη Τ.Υ.Π.Ε.Τ