1st Freeride-Enduro MTB Kissavos

1st Freeride-Enduro MTB Kissavos

Ossa is a mountain of Thessaly, also known as Kissavos. It is located in the northeast of the prefecture of Larissa and south of Tempi and Peneios opposite Mount Olympus, which is continuously geological and from which it is separated from the valley of Tempi. It has a maximum altitude of 1,978m (Prophet Elias).

Ossa faces westwards the plain of Larissa, south of the plain of Agia and eastwards the sea where its slopes end up, forming coves. The mountain is divided into two parts by a valley, which is called in the northern “Great Gorge” and in the south “Great Rema”.

From a geological point of view, Ossa is of great interest because at its base it is composed of crystalline rocks, but covered by other layers of explosive rocks. In most of its sides and especially in the east, there are impressive canyons with rushing streams, the most beautiful of which is the canyon of Calypso with a landscape filled with waterfalls, lakes and steep cliffs. The slope towards the sea is forested due to more rainfall but also steep to the Cape of Kissavos, also known as Cape Dermatas.

In the higher parts, Ossa is bare, dry and poor in springs; on the contrary, its northern, southern and eastern slopes are green, with beeches, firs and chestnuts, from which come the known “Kissavos chestnuts”.

Access: Access to the Kissavos shelter takes place via the highway by:

  • Larissa. It is 40km. And you can reach 45 minutes in the direction of Sykourio and Spilia.
  • Thessaloniki. It is 160km. And one can reach 2 hours with an exit at Evangelismos to the village of Sykourio and Spilia.
  • Athens. It is 390km. And one can reach 4 hours with an exit to the village of Sykourio and Spilia.

Accommodation: The Shelter provides 46 beds and space for overnight stay anywhere in the shelter and outdoors on stage. The organizing company has closed the entire shelter for that weekend. For any booking in beds with your participation with numerical priority. Alternatively you look at Spilia (20min), Larissa (45min), Stomio – Karytsa (50min).

Safety: The safety of the event will cover a private Ambulance.

Route: Starting 10:00 from the Shelter at an altitude of 1516m. The route is mixed with most of it in forest paths and passages. The natural beauty of the region and its alternations from the alpine field, beech, chestnut and fir make it unique. It is 17km long with the first 3km of hikes as the peak in the 1980s. altitude. The rest of 14km are forest paths with a connecting road of 3km until we reach Stomio at an altitude of 10m. It features 630 meters of ascent and 2130 meters of descent. The sign is a mountaineering path, a ribbon, and arrows. At the finish we will be waiting for buses to return to the shelter.

Food: The event provides breakfast (bread-honey-tahini-tea-coffee) and Snack (apple-electrolytes-salty).

Saturday 17/6: MTB in 7km section of the route with uplift all day. In the evening there will be an event with fire, music, barbeque, etc.

Sunday 18/6: Day of the event.

Participants: Participants agree to the terms and conditions of the event. The weekly fee is 50€. Included in the price are Saturday’s uplift, overnight stay, breakfast, snack, souvenir of the event and transfer of the participants from Stomio to the Shelter. Those who have signed up will deliver the signed statements and you will receive the number for your participation. The riders who will arrive on the spot will complete the responsible statements and the financial arrangements will be made to the secretarial service. Participations cost for Sunday is 30€ and includes breakfast, snack, souvenir of the event and transfer of the participants from Stomio to the shelter. There will be a number with more souvenirs.


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