Olympus, Peaks

The Mountain Of The Gods

Mt. Olympus is officially known from Greek mythology as the home of the Twelve Gods. The shape created by the rain and wind, which helped elevate a secluded chateau in 2918m (Mytikas). Counts many peaks and an almost circular shape. It is undoubtedly the most popular mountain in Greece. The impressive height, the mythical charm and easy accessibility make it an attraction for thousands of visitors from every corner of the world. Roads and trails crossing the mountain gives the opportunity to the hikers and visitors to get to know closely varieties of flora and fauna but also its natural beauty.

olympos south view

Although the highest Greek mountains have a peak near 2500m, on Mt. Olympus there are several peaks above this altitude. From there the highest and most famous beside Mytikas (2918m) are Skolio (2912m), Stefani (2909m), St. Antonios (2815m), Skala (2866m), Prophet Elias (2803m), Kalogeros (2701), Metamorfosi (2699m), Fragou Aloni (2678m), Pagos (2677m), Kakavrakas (2619m).

olympos north view

The couloir of Stefani starts from Zonaria at 2700m beside the couloir of Mytikas. More relaxed and smaller than Mytikas is the easiest way for someone to rise to the top of it. The others are from the col of Strivadas or of the many climbing routes that have been carved in the cliffs. Stefani or else Jupiter’s throne is the third highest peak in Greece at 2909m altitude and one of the most characteristic in Greece. The first ascent was made on 12/08/1921 by the Swiss mountaineer and topographer Marcel Kurz.

Short description: We have our meeting at 08:00 in the central parking in Litochoro Pieria. Once you leave your cars there we embark on our own vehicle to follow a mountainous route. There we will rest and we will prepare our personal and the climbing equipment to the peaks. We follow a well-marked trails for one or more peaks as planned. The routes are demanding and for your skills. We return by the same path in our vehicle and depart for our cars.

We offer: Guidance with an experienced mountain guide. Complete technical and safety equipment. Transportation, photos and video. Juice, snack and water.

You should have the following: Suitable hiking shoes, Small backpack (at least 20lt.), Waterproof or windproof jacket. Additional snack and water.

Requirements: Suitable for all ages over 14 years and for people with good mental and physical condition. Parental consent is required for minors under 18 years old.

Cost and Payment: The cost of the activity amounts from 50€ per participant and depends on the characteristics of the route.

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