Christaki-Litochoro Olympus Mtb

Christaki-Litochoro Olympus Mtb

The Mountain Of The Gods

Mt. Olympus is officially known from Greek mythology as the home of the Twelve Gods. The shape created by the rain and wind, which helped elevate a secluded chateau in 2918m (Mytikas). Counts many peaks and an almost circular shape. It is undoubtedly the most popular mountain in Greece. The impressive height, the mythical charm and easy accessibility make it an attraction for thousands of visitors from every corner of the world. Roads and trails crossing the mountain gives the opportunity to the hikers and visitors to get to know closely varieties of flora and fauna but also its natural beauty.

It  was the first area in Greece which was declared as a National Park. The aim was the preservation of the natural environment of the flora, fauna and natural landscapes, as well as of its cultural and other values. Scientific research had to be supported and people had to become aware of the environmental conditions. Specific laws prohibit any kind of exploitation in the east side of the mountain which constitutes the core of the National Park.

The wider area around it was designated as peripheral zone of the National Park so that its management and exploitation won’t affect negatively the protection of the core. Olympus is internationally known as for its important ecological characteristics and incomparable natural beauty as well as for its strong relationship with ancient Greek mythology.

Description: We have our meeting from 06:00 to start our tour towards Mount Olympus. If you stay to a nearby hotel picking up can be provided upon request. We will reach the maximum point of the route from the south side of Mount Olympus in a charming others and simultaneously rugged landscape to 2,400m in position ChristakisThere we will rest and prepare our equipment for the activity. We follow a well-marked trail for one hour to summit Skolio at 2912m, the 2nd highest peak in Greece after Mytikas, after 2,5km. There we will rest, take photos from the majestic summit and prepare our selves for the descent. The trail is demanding with the first 3,5km in rocky environment until we reach our stop at Refuge A at 2100m. We continue into the pine forest for 5km until we reach Prionia station at 1100m. There will be our big stop for lunch or drinks. Our final and last part is for 10km until we reach Litochoro village at 300m through Enipeas gorge with streams of water and wooden bridges.

Level of Difficulty: Hard

Type of Bike: All Mountain/Enduro & Downhill

We offer: Guidance with experienced mountain guides. Transportation, photos and video.

You should have the following: Private safety equipment and bike, Small backpack, Waterproof or windproof jacket. Personal energy supplies and water.

Requirements: Suitable for all experienced riders and for people with good mental and physical condition. Parental consent is required for minors under 18 years old. Minimum number of riders is 4 and max is 10.

Cost and Payment: The cost of the activity amounts to 110€ per participant. Payments can be done with Wire transfer, PayPal or Cash.

Departure location: Neoi Poroi, Pieria

Duration of Activity: 8 hours

Activity Period: June until September.

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