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Mtb Trails Lower Olympus

After years of working in the area of Lower Olympus, we have the honor to announce a Mountain bike Map of the area with almost 90% of the existing trails. We label them with letters and numbers based on the location that ends, Kalipefki, Paleos Panteleimonas, Palei Pori, Krania, and Rapsani. With your participation in the competitions, we are given the opportunity to open, clean and maintain them. The situation of most of them is relatively good, except for Rapsani, who is in excellent shape due to the events. A1, B1, D1, K1, R2, R1 and P2 up to B1 are open and are labeled in some of them.
The areas of Ano Skotina and Egani are in our future plans.

We wish you a Happy Year with health and appointment for April 28-29, where the two-day Mtb event of Lower Olympus will take place. (…more details soon)

We hope in the future for an Enduro Mtb Series Lower Olympus with specifications!

More details and volunteer offer in our inbox and Xtremeway Outdoors phones. Thank you in advance!

Enduro Camp Olympus 2018

The 1st Weekend after Easter, 14 & 15 of April Enduro Camp at Mt Olympus

…..more details are coming soon!!!!!!!